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IGA Victoria Liquor Catalogue 21/02/24 - 27/02/24

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16Add a Drop TO YOUR SHOP VICBeer oers available from 21/02/24 until 27/02/24. All other liquor oers available from 14/02/24 until 27/02/24. Specials available in Victoria IGA Liquor outlets only. IGA supports the responsible service of alcohol in accordance with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (VIC). It is against the law to sell, supply or obtain to supply to a person under the age of 18 years old. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. Pricing available in-store only. *Excludes Heathcote Shiraz & Pinot Noir YV.100% Australian and independently owned.MED_IGA_V1_IGACV1962_210224MULTI-BUY2$for18$65eaequates to $45.50 per 700mL1 LitreCanadian Club orJim Beam 4.8% VarietiesAbsolutVodkaJacob’s Creek Classic750mL VarietiesWild Turkey 81 ProofBourbon Whiskey 700mLJohnnie Walker RedLabel Scotch 700mLJacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé, Stoneleigh Marlborough,Fat Bastard or St Huberts The Stag* 750mL VarietiesKirin HyoketsuCarltonDryGreat NorthernSuper Crisp Lager$55ea24 pack$50ea24 pack$15ea$53ea$60ea30 can block$22ea4 pack$48ea$46ea10 packHeineken LagerThe offers displayed in this catalogue are only available at selected stores within Victoria between the dates listed on the front page. Please check for offers for your nearest store.